About Us

Our Reason For Serving

Today the Bartolottas – entrepreneurs, philanthropists, authors, consultants, business professionals, community organizers, parents, and Christians are so excited to be owner/operators of “Rise Cafe” where they hope to bring a warm and infectious energy to breakfast, lunch, and brunch.  The Bartolotta’s and Rise Cafe desire to not only see people have an awesome meal and experience but that local churches, schools, charities and first responders are supported and lifted up.  For these reasons, Rise Cafe is proud to partner with local organizations to usher in and maintain a community that is not only awesome to work in, but live in as well.  Having training in the culinary arts, studied business, put into practice supporting and building community, and having dinned in some of the most amazing restaurants in the country, Christiana and Titus along with the whole team here are so excited and honored to welcome you to Rise Cafe.  Please, enjoy …

Our Owner's Story

Owners Christina and Titus Bartolotta have called Lake Norman home for over a decade.  The founders of “The Lotta Foundation” which was a local charity supporting at risk families in need of a hand up and the proud parents of Josiah and Noah, these two individuals are committed to their faith, family, and community.  Both Christina and Titus studied Culinary Arts in collage and have worked as chefs in the food industry for many years.  With a passion for customer service, and business, the Bartolotta’d found their passion and interest draw them into many marketplace segments over the years and with that success and achievement followed, however the opportunity to share their faith, to watch their family grow, and to see the Lake Norman community thrive is something that has and continues to bring enormous joy and satisfaction to the family.

Eggs Cracked Daily

Gallons of Coffee Poured Daily

Pancakes Flipped Daily

Slices of Bread Toasted Daily